Hi, I'm Pat Lyon! 

I'm currently a PhD student in the Kitzes Lab at the University of Pittsburgh.

I use bioacoustics as a tool to study ecological patterns. 

My research mainly focuses on using bioacoustics to understand large scale spatiotemporal patterns for ecology and conservation. I deploy autonomous acoustic recorders in natural and restored habitats to listen for vocalizing animal species. 

My research interests generally include community and restoration ecology and I've worked in areas ranging from coastal ocean habitats to eastern deciduous forests. I'm interested in using bioacoustics to monitor declining or at-risk species and determine the impacts that changing habitats have on their presence or absence.   

Before starting my PhD, I received my MSc in Marine Science from the Eggleston Lab at North Carolina State University. 

In the Eggleston Lab, I also worked as a research technician for 3 years after receiving my masters. While there, I studied marine soundscape ecology, benthic ecology, and shellfish fisheries.