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Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions, with YouTube seeing 200 million mobile playbacks a day, CEO Eric Schmidt said in his keynote at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership meeting keynote.

As proof of mobile’s growth, Schmidt cited some statistics related to this year’s Super Bowl advertisers: The number of mobile searches for Chrysler, for instance, jumped 102 times during the game, compared with only 48 times for desktop searches. And the number of mobile searches for GoDaddy jumped 315 times, compared with 38 times on desktops.

Schmidt, who spoke Sunday February 27, 2011 at the IAB event in Palm Springs, Calif., also said that 78% of smartphone owners use their phones while they shop. “This is the future and everyone will adapt,” Schmidt said. “Because people are fundamentally better off with a better and smarter and more empowered, if you will, customer.”

Mobile growth is occurring at a quicker rate than anyone expected, Schmidt noted. “We look at the charts internally and it’s happening faster than all of our predictions,” Schmidt said.

Here is the video showing what the giant GOOGLE is saying and why YOU and YOUR business should be active on Mobile Marketing with Local Client Listing & Marketing ! For the small business it is very cost effective to do and has a great return on investment.

Here's Eric:

NOW you will see clearly WHY Microsoft just purchased Motorola. They are a leader in the mobile phone industry. As of September 2011 there are 4 times more mobile smart phones being purchased than desktop computers. Go where the MOJO is! Add mobile to your marketing strategy. 

Local Client Listing and Marketing is fusing Mobile, Online and Offline Marketing together into one. Mobile ads, Mobile sites, Coupons, Barcode readers, and TEXTING to customers. Indeed, “This is the future and everyone will adapt,” A company or business will either be a part of it or be run over!

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