PAT LYON PICKS is a new service of  
LCL Marketing
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WELCOME TO PatLyon.Com. and Pat Lyon Picks, (Local Client Listing-Marketing is the parent site.) I am glad to have you come and see just what is going on here. Look around the site. 

YOU, not our company, are the topic of this website. While we are knowledgeable and prepared to provide web services that most small business owners are not prepared or trained to do, IT IS YOUR GOAL, and YOUR BUSINESS that we exist for. We are called Local Client Listing and Marketing for two reasons. 
One, for many of you who will engage our services, we are right in your local area, and that is good. 

Also, In addition,our name says it all...We know that the most business your company will attract, whether product or service, will come from within 5 to 30 miles of your location with some exceptions. What we do is select an area of career field, (Dentist, Plumber,Tutor) and commit to get one of the professionals in that field in your geographical area most of the online customer inquiries for that product or service. 
HOW and why can we make that our goal? It is simply because the chances are very strong that your competitors do not have the kind of professional help with web presence that a client of Local Client Listing will have after engaging our services. It still comes down to "Google It!" when someone wants a service.

Get branded! Become the automatic choice for people looking for your kind of service in your city. As one company used to say "you can do it, we can help!" Do  you know what company that is? Of course you do because they are branded. 

Local Client Listing and Marketing (LCL Marketing) can enable any business to get results using  Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Mobile friendly marketing. With the dramatic swing today regarding where and how to spend your advertising dollars to bring in new and repeat customers, BUSINESS OWNERS MUST either get on board with using the internet or be left behind. 

A real important question for any business owner to answer is this: How confident am I regarding the effectiveness of our advertising; and is our business getting the results we should be getting for our advertising dollar? 

Yellow pages, cost a fortune and don't work like they once did.
TV is a loser, Fast forward wins again!
Newspapers are going out of business!
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

Customers and Clients email Pat@PatLyon.com for my personal service, or call 425-652-5192 NOW! 
We understand the need for your small business!